By Think Big Studios

Add 6 Figures To Your Monthly Revenue

By Offering A Review Service

To Your Clients...

...Using Our Plug-AND-Play GHL Snapshot

Get More 5-Star Reviews without spending thousands on 3rd Party Apps...

Get the same review management system that other White Label software provides, only this time get it in Go High Level with an easy to implement GHL snapshot that won't cost you any additional monthly fees.

"We built this system so we could move all our review management customers over to GHL, saving us thousands of dollars per month in fees, while still providing the same outstanding review management service that our customers are expecting and gladly pay $197/month for. "

This Review & Referral System Is Perfect for:

Gyms & Fitness Studios, Hair Salons, Doctors, Dentists, Landscapers, Plumbers, Roofers, Restorations Companies, Carpet Cleaners, Pest Control Services...

...Heck Even Fishermen!

NOW with support for over 30 review sites...

Get more reviews on niche specific review sites your industry uses to stay ahead of the competition.

We've now added support for over 30+ review sites that you can control without touching any kind of code inside of Go High Level.

If you can link it, You can review it.

You Get Advanced Features From Apps Like:, Grade.Us,,, and Many Others all inside your Go High Level account...


and Many Others

All inside Go High Level

Without The Monthly Fees!

Here's What You Get With Smart Reviews'

Review/Referral Snapshot Overview

** All Future Updates Included With Purchase **

...Includes SMART Referrals...

Snapshot Overview

The Smart Reviews GHL Snapshot by Think Big Studios is an advanced review management funnel which integrates reviews, social media referrals, and 1-on-1 referrals with a 14 day follow up campaign that will help you and your client get more 5-star Google reviews.

Inside You'll Get:

  • Review Gate(able) Landing Page which will help filter out negative reviews, while providing you with actionable feedback from unhappy clients.
  • Advanced Review Click Detection will redirect your clients to a customizable referral page where they can invite friends, or share your business to Facebook.
  • Customizable Thank You Pages so you can customize your follow-up for your industry.
  • Offer Claim Page For New Referrals (can lead to a calendar for booking)
  • 18 Advanced Workflows - Giving you multiple avenues for automated customer follow up - making sure you get the reviews & the referrals.
  • 5 Trigger Links
  • 11 Custom Values
  • 16 Triggers and 18 Campaigns - that automate your review / referral system if you don't have access to workflows.
  • 6 Referral Tracking Custom Fields - So you know who referred who, and who get's the special offers.
  • Customizable Review Request Page - So you can add new leads directly to your contact list, and review follow-up system.
  • Tag Current Contacts and send out bulk requests through the review request workflow.
  • Multiple Star Graphics for even more customization
  • Customizable Canva Graphics Templates allow you to personalize each template for your specific industry.
  • Track Review Clicks once a client has visited your reviews page.
  • Complete Video Walk-Through Training Videos on how to implement this snapshot into your accounts.
  • Custom API Integration with our Custom Values Updater
  • QR Code Generator
  • Marketing Material (Coming Soon) - So you can sell more reviews to your customers.
  • ...And MORE!

If you're looking for a review management system you can integrate into Go High Level, for your SAAS clients, or your Agency Clients, or even for your own business this is the perfect solution for you. It's easy to set up, and it will provide tons of value over and over again.

Here is an overview of the entire funnel flow:

You Also Get...

100% Customizable Templates For Any Industry

Review Gate Landing Page

Referrals After Reviews

Share The Love On Social

Offers For New Referrals

7 Advanced Workflows

Customized Review Request

Different Looks

Editable Canva Graphics

"This funnel looks amazing - how do I get it, I have fitness clients this would be perfect for?"


"You've put things in this funnel I've been asking GHL to implement for a long time - and I was told they couldn't do it... yet here it is!"


"Hey Jason. Saw your post about your built out system for review management. Totally bad ass and thanks for sharing the video"


"Hi Jason, loved your demo of the advanced review management funnel in the GHL group. I would love something like this"



Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Set Up?

Your first time will probably take a bit longer than future sessions, but so far we have the Review and Referral setup down to about 20 minutes - and you can too. If you're just setting up Reviews, you can have that setup in less than 10 minutes for each location.

Can I Add It To More Than One Location?

Yes you can add it to an unlimited number of sub accounts inside of High Level.

Do I Get Future Updates Included?

Yes all future updates are included in the one time LTD price.

Can I Customize The Look Of The Template To Suit My Brand?

Yes you can completely customize the look of the headers, background, modal popup, fonts, and colors of the templates so long as you do not delete the hidden code & custom values sections.

Will This Overwrite Other Snapshots I Have Installed?

No this system is designed to be not conflict with other snapshots and templates that you have installed in your sub locations.

Do I Need To Have a SAAS Account To Use This Snapshot?

GHL Smart Reviews system will work on any of High Level's service plans, Freelance, Agency Pro, or SAAS.

Can I Offer Reviews and Not Referrals?

yes you can choose to offer one product, either reviews, or referrals, or both to your locations. There is training in the onboarding portal that walks you through everything.

What Can I Charge Per Month For Review Management?

We typically charge $230/month per location that we work with for a "done for you service" which we fully automate for them. OR we charge an $99/month to add it to one of sub account locations. Some of the agencies using this system now charge anywhere between $99 and $150/month to include it in their sub account locations. You can charge more if you offer it as a service vs. offering it as a SAAS, both are fairly automated.

We also usually offer a discount of a couple of months if they pay for a year in advance. Pay monthly for $230/month or pay $1800 for the year.

Does This Snapshot Review Gate?

You can choose whether or not you want to fully review gate, partially review gate, or not review gate at all. Review gating is the act of stopping someone from leaving a negative review and only letting them post good reviews. We do have an option for asking them for feedback first, but give them access to leave a less than 3 star review if they feel they need to.

How Many People Are Using SMART Reviews?

We currently have over 155+ agencies using SMART Reviews and well over 1000 locations that are using the system to get Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, Yelp, and much more.

How Many Review Locations Can I Display?

You can technically display anywhere from 1 to 7 review links, but we typically recommend keeping the list at 3 or below. Too many options can confuse clients, as they don't know which to post to. It also congests the screen with too many links. Facebook, Google, and Yelp are the 3 main options with a selection of different custom review sites for 4 and above. You can also choose to go with all custom links, and pass one the 3 main review sites - Google, Facebook, and yelp.

Get The Review Management Snapshot Today

And We'll Also Include These...

*** BONUSES ***

Bonus #1:

Review Mgmt Slidedeck & Presentation

Get the slide show we've used to sell review management services to our clients in multiple industries.

Including restaurants, hair salons, carpet cleaning, gyms, plumbers, pest control, landscapers, dentists, and doctors.

Take it, customize it, and sell review management services through GoHighLevel.

Bonus #2:

Review Management Landing Page

Want to sell more review & referral management packages to your clients? Want to have a killer way to make a first impression?

I've packaged up our review management landing page and can deliver it to you in either Wordpress Divi, or as GHL website template.

You choose how you want to work.

Hey GHLers,

This Easy to implement review & referral snapshot built with advanced workflows and automations is guaranteed to get more reviews & referrals for you or your clients.

It will allow you to:

  • Sell more review services & get bigger client results.
  • Completely automate review & referral acquisition.
  • Get more referrals after the review.
  • Stop negative reviews in their tracks - get more 5 star reviews.
  • Easily integrate into any location with step by step video instructions.

If you're not 100% happy we'll do everything we can to make it right.

Have Questions OR Want More Info?

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