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Bonus #1:

Review Mgmt Slidedeck & Presentation

Get the slide show we've used to sell review management services to our clients in multiple industries.

Including restaurants, hair salons, carpet cleaning, gyms, plumbers, pest control, landscapers, dentists, and doctors.

Take it, customize it, and sell review management services through GoHighLevel.

Bonus #2:

Review Management Landing Page

Want to sell more review & referral management packages to your clients? Want to have a killer way to make a first impression?

I've packaged up our review management landing page and can deliver it to you in either Wordpress Divi, or as GHL website template.

You choose how you want to work.


A Fast and Easy Way For Clients

To Upload, Tag, and Add Contacts To Workflows,

In Their Location.

Without Logging In To High Level

Does Your Agency Specialize In...

Database Reactivations,

Reputation Management,

Or Automating with Custom Workflows?

or Maybe You Just Want a Dead Simple Way for

Clients to Upload Lists of Contacts

Without Bugging You, or Logging Into their GHL Account...

This Is For You.

Check it out below

SMART Bulk CSV Uploader

  • Upload Contact List Without Logging Into High Level.
  • Import Emails, Phone Numbers, Birthdays, Addresses, City, State, Postal Codes
  • Tag Contacts with 1 Custom Tag, and 1 Standard Tag
  • Fill Specify A Custom Field, For Better Automations In Workflows
  • Segment Customers Into Custom Numbered Segments
  • Divide Contacts Into 30 Segments To Automate Over a 30 Day Cycle
  • Use Our Segmented Workflow to Automate Sending To Segments
  • Add Contacts To A Location Without Hassle, or Logging Into GHL.

"This is going to be a game changer for our agency,

you have to get on a GHL HotSeat and talk about this"

-- Jake Shore

"This is exactly what we've been looking for, for almost 11 months. Other database reactivation agencies would love this too"

-- Steve Miller

"Dude this is working perfect, we're using it for Reputation Management right now. Our customers love it."

-- Ryan Prichard

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Hey GHLers,

This Easy to implement CSV Upload snapshot that will allow your customers to upload contacts without having to log into GHL.

It will allow you to:

If you're not 100% happy we'll do everything we can to make it right.

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